Missions is the DNA of our church.  Our heart is to be found living the gospel and telling the gospel wherever the Lord leads us to go.  Based on the biblical teachings on requirements for followers of Jesus, we see every member as a Ridgecrest missionary.  We don't measure our participation only by those who come on campus, but also by those who go from our campus to serve our Lord.  I encourage you to take a look at our mission trips and our different mission partners, and as you pray for them see if Jesus wants you to become involved in any of these great mission opportunities.  

One of our greatest joys is to connect people with mission opportunities that fit them like a glove. The Lord has one planned for you.  Let us help you find it!  Only the Lord knows how far the impact of Ridgecrest can reach if every member of Ridgecrest takes up their mission!  If you decide to go on a mission opportunity this year, I will promise you one thing - it will not be your last!