Our college ministry is seeking to help people learn what it means to be faithful followers of Jesus. We seek to do this by learning what the Bible means and seeking to apply it to our lives and by living faithful lives with one another.

We meet weekly on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. On Wednesday nights, we meet together to eat, spend time together as a family of faith, and study to understand how Christianity impacts our lives in our current culture. On Sunday mornings, we study the Bible and pray together and to prepare for our time of worship together with the rest of the church.

It is my hope that by spending time with us you will learn to follow Jesus in your daily life by making the Bible and others a priority in your life. The most important aspect of our ministry is to lead people into a deeper relationship with God and His Son, Jesus. We believe that if we grow closer to Jesus, then we will seek to love others around us with a deep and meaningful love.